19 Signs You’re Self Sabotaging Your Dating life – These Prevent You Having A Relationship

19 Signs You’re Self Sabotaging Your Dating life – These Prevent You Having A Relationship

May 20, 2021 Off By admin

Learn about 19 signs that you’re self sabotaging your dating life. Either consciously of sub-consciously, one way or another you’re sabotaging your own relationships and this is preventing you from finding that special someone in live. It could stem from low self-esteem, low confidence, or perhaps something deeper. This act of self-sabotage can take a huge toll on your mental health and wellbeing over time so it’s definitely something worth addressing and working on.

Okay so you probably on this video because you aren’t really getting anywhere in the dating scene. Have you considered something very small called self-sabotage? Sounds pretty pretty toxic and crazy but stay with me. It’s kind of a real thing. It basically means you are doing something to purposefully push someone away or maybe you’re doing something without even realising.

And it’s actually lowering your chances of actually having successful relationships. Self-sabotage is your unconscious way of protecting yourself from being hurt.

So maybe you were once hurt badly in the past from someone that you were head over heels with. And it’s likely you are hyper aware of any small thing to prove that everyone is out to hurt you.

And you may find that you are self sabotaging without even realising it. You push people away and then feel confused at your own behaviour.

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Giving up for the fear of getting hurt
1:27 Not letting someone in
1:48 Not ending things with your rebound
2:20 You flirt in the company of your date
2:40 Comparing everyone to your ex
3:05 You don’t maintain your boundaries
3:33 Refusing to approach someone
3:59 Refusing the red flags
4:25 Unrealistic expectations of people
4:47 Serial dating out of desperation
5:23 Don’t be so available
5:43 You are passive aggressive
6:01 You hold onto past hurt
6:36 Stop expecting a soulmate
6:58 You lower your standards
7:14 Expecting your dates to read your mind
7:39 You stop replying to their texts
7:59 You avoid big commitments
9:18 You always have something critical to say

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