5 Dating Stages ALL Men Go Through

5 Dating Stages ALL Men Go Through

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There are 5 stages of dating all men go through.
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All Men go through 5 predictable dating stages throughout their self-development journey. We start off as beta males conditioned through society to be nice guys that go into the friendzone. Then move onto either men that give up or decide to do something about it. This cycle then usually leads to an alpha male. With a new found understanding of attraction and dating we overcompensate until we find love and eventually learn the truth about attraction and social psychology. This leads to few men that become the Omega male.

Below Are The 5 Stages

1. Nice Guy / Beta Male 0:35

2. Apprenticeship 2:55

3. Overcompensator / Alpha Male 6:00

4. First Real Love 8:16

5. Omega Male 10:28

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