6 Instagram Bio Ideas for Guys Looking to Attract More Dates

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Instagram is the fourth most popular application in the United States.

As such it’s used by 67% of Americans between the ages of 19 and 29.

I’m no mathematician but the odds are pretty good that your next girlfriend is on IG. In fact, you’re more likely to find her on IG than you are on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or your local neighborhood bar.

But just because you two share the same space doesn’t mean you’re bound to attract her.

IG is a competitive space where in order to appeal to the ladies you’ll have to work a bit to stand out. It’s probably why you’re on the hunt for some solid Instagram bio ideas.

You should 100% leverage IG to meet women. But just because you have the tool at your disposal doesn’t mean you know how to use it.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to turn your IG account into a romantic weapon that you’ll use to make the ladies swoon.

6 Instagram Bio Ideas for Guys Looking to Attract More Dates

First, The Model Profile

When it comes to your pursuit of the ladies, you always want to be striving towards the ideal.

The ideal date, the ideal woman, the ideal profile.

For the moment, address only what you can control — your IG account.

Before I offer up a handful of broad-strokes advice on how to improve your account, let’s first look at what an ideal IG account looks like.

I present to you, Matt James.

Don’t be surprised if the name sounds familiar — and not just because is it one of the most unimaginative and common names around. Matt James is the newest suitor on ABC’s The Bachelor.

instagram bio ideas

Look, I 100% understand that you’re not a Bachelor fan (even if it is kinda hard to understand how a single guy wouldn’t binge a show that consists of 32 of the sexiest, most eligible, and romance-deprived women around).

But the point isn’t whether you know him or not, but rather what kind of Instagram bio ideas we can get/learn from him.

Open his profile, have a click around, and note what you find.

Find any ideas worth stealing?

Clearly, this guy is the bomb.

instagram bio ideas

From his IG we glean that he volunteers lives an active lifestyle, dresses incredibly well, and has a six back that even Adonis would be jealous of.

But let’s be realistic, not everything we see in his profile can be replicated — that’s perfectly fine.

So then what can you steal from his profile and use in your own?

For one, the man isn’t afraid to show off his hobbies. In almost every other row we can find at least one hobby pic. Matt James is into skateboarding, basketball, volunteering, activism, and exercise.

Scrolling through his bio we rarely find a row of pictures that are all the same. Instead, he offers the viewer a ton of variety that gives the impression that this is a man of depth.

While you might not be able to do a kick-flip, you can certainly showcase your personality in the same way and with the same prolific fervor that Matt does. It doesn’t matter what your hobbies are, IG is the place where you can show them off.

Look, if you’re using IG to slide into a female’s DMs chances are she doesn’t know you too well. Before she responds to your message she’ll scroll through your account. If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t put the effort into posting, don’t expect her to be the type of woman to put the effort into responding.

Your IG bio and pics should humanize and show the world who you are.

It doesn’t matter how good your message is, if your pictures don’t demonstrate that you’re a complex individual worth knowing she won’t give a damn about you.

So what else did you learn from platonically stalking Matt’s IG?

The three other aspects of his profile that stand out to me that you can apply to yours are that: he doesn’t use selfies, he takes a bunch of group shots, and he is well dressed.

What study after study has shown is that selfies make you look unattractive. Not only are they cliche, but they make it look like you have no friends.

Group shots convey that you’re a sociable person that people want to be around. Look, even if all your photos are semi-nudes that put your oiled 6-pack on full display she won’t message you (btw shirtless photos are out too). She won’t want to hang out with a pariah.

Lastly, the man is well dressed. While you may not view yourself as a fashionista the least you can do is wear your second favorite grey tee out every once and a while.

These are a few detailed tips that you can take away from our brief yet beneficial stalk (don’t worry, we’ll stalk more bachelors later).

2. Use Photos From Your Dating App Profiles On Your Social Media Profiles

instagram bio ideas


This is one of the most powerful Instagram bio ideas for guys — one that most of my clients would agree on.

If you’re going to use your IG to meet women, then the best Instagram bio idea I can offer is make your IG resemble your Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge account.

That means using the same photos you have in your Tinder, on your IG.

But even more so it means starting to think about your Instagram as more than just a platonic social media medium. Start to think of your IG as a dating app.

Getting into the mindset will color your every IG move. Before uploading a new photo you’ll make sure it’s attractive, you’re well-dressed, can see your face, etc.

Every action you take must be made with the intention of wooing a female.

3. Tell Her Who You Are

On any SM there are two ways to show someone who you are.

You can show them via photos and show them via text.

Both men and women often neglect the latter. But, if you want to court women far and wide, you won’t be like most men. Instead, you’ll be Gabriel Garcia Marquez, penning sweet nothings to accompany each and every post.

There is no secret recipe that guarantees a good post. The one guiding piece of advice I can offer is to write something that humanizes yourself. This may look like a quote that shows her how you see the world, a droll piece of humor, taking a stand for something you believe in etc.

Think of your IG not as an art portfolio, but as a humanity portfolio. In each post, you want to peel back another layer of who you are and showcase it to the world in an appealing way.

If you don’t have a photo to accompany an idea you want to express, no worries. Simply post a text-only image — just don’t do this too often, visuals still reign supreme.

Also be sure to avoid IG no-nos.

This means never vomit hashtags. Three hashtags per post is more than enough, and honestly, if you’re using your account solely to meet women you really don’t need hashtags at all.

Also refrain from posting every day. At most, post every other day. Don’t feel the need to use IG as a visual diary. Only post the most appealing photos and captions. If you have five awesome photos you took in one day, consider spacing them out. There will no doubt come a dry spell in your social life when you have little content to post. Save posts for these dry spells.

Lastly don’t cram too many photos into a single post. No post should include more than 3-4 photos.

4. Share Videos

Every once and a while you should upload a video.

Videos are dynamic, get clicked on more often than photos, and seeing as how few others post them, will set you apart from the rest.

Make sure videos are original and again showcase your talents. If you’re not sure what kind of video to upload, just ask a friend of yours to shoot a video of you engaged in your favorite hobby. Whether that be running, playing the piano, shooting pool, or whatever else floats your boat. What’s important is to beat home the message that you’re a dynamic man full of depth and passion.

If you can, shoot a funny video of yourself to show her that you’ve got a personality. If doing so seems a bit forced you can always upload a not so viral video that you saw elsewhere. What’s important if you do this is to not choose something too vulgar or cliche.

5. Donate To Causes That Are Important To You And Share In Your Feed

Here’s an Instagram bio idea not to overlook. Do this for two reasons.

For one, the world is kinda shit right now and a lot of people are in need so donating regardless of the added byproduct of appearing more attractive online still makes it worth it.

Two, even though it may sound slimy, letting the world know what you care about by sharing the fact that you donated via IG will attract like-minded people.

Firstly, only donate to causes you actually care about. If you do so, the decision to broadcast your donation can be defended by claiming that you truly care about the issue and want to spread awareness and pressure others to donate to the cause as well.

Again, whether you’re donating primarily to attract more women or not, a byproduct of posting about your donation online is that women will find you more attractive.

 6. Add stories (And see who’s creepin’ you)

The more active you are, the more attention that ladies will give you.

Show her that you’re a man of action by posting a story or two every week of what you’re up to. The beautify of stories is that not only will they make you more visible, but you’ll be able to see who interacts with them.

If you haven’t posted a story yet, you may not be aware that IG records every person that’s seen your story. You can use this information to gauge how into you a new flame is.

The more stories you post the better an understanding you’ll have of who’s into you.

If you notice the same girl constantly looking at your stories, you can take this as a sign that she’s at least a little interested in what you’re up to. This is your cue that you should reach out start to get your mack on.

As with IG posts, make sure that stories show who you are, what you’re up to, who you’re with, and are dynamic. She doesn’t want to see stories of you at home binging Bridgerton or gym selfies (every once in a while thirst traps via your story are acceptable).

More Instagram Bio Ideas for Guys, From the Pros

What else can we learn from the Instagram pros? Umm, a lot.

Let’s look at the IG profiles of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants to show you what a high-quality IG profile looks like… also maybe Chris Hemsworth’s.

Nick Viall

instagram bio ideas

Nick has what everyone desires, washboard abs and killer dance moves.

But if you don’t have either, you’ll have to offer something else.

In just about every post we see Nick using his humor to woo female stalkers. We also see that he’s picked up a hobby or two during the pandemic and isn’t afraid to show it. Women love hot dudes that roller skate.

Use humor whenever possible. And even though Nick will have you thinking otherwise, even non roller skating guys can be funny.

Ben Higgins

instagram bio ideas

Ben centers his IG around his work.

He’s a podcaster and writer that isn’t afraid to show it.

Are you also the type of guy that’s proud of his work? If so, don’t feel ashamed to brag about it.

Show off that new project you just finished or whatever professional projects you’ve been working on lately. This will tell her that you’re a man of talent and ambition.

Ain’t nothin wrong with a working man who’s proud of what he does.

Chris Hemsworth

instagram bio ideas

Chances are you’ve probably heard of this guy.

He also goes by Thor.

It’s difficult to replicate the awesomeness of a celeb’s IG. However, there is one takeaway from Hemsworth’s profile that you can probably steal.

The man travels. He travels and isn’t afraid to post about it.

Anytime you so much as leave your city, you best take a photo and throw it up on IG. Everyone likes domestic travel pics, though international travel pics are encouraged.

If you only travel outside the country once or twice a year that’s fine. Simply take a crapload of photos while abroad and schedule out your posts throughout the year.

Chris Soules

instagram bio ideas

Some people aren’t too stoked to be who they are.

Chris Soules isn’t one of those people.

I don’t know the man personally and never will. But it’s more than evident that the dude is happy to broadcast to the world just who he is.

The man’s a farmer, father, and kinda a redneck.

Look, not all the ladies are gonna be into that. Thing is, Chris isn’t looking to date all the ladies. He only wants to attract a specific type of woman, one that he’s super compatible with.

This too is your goal.

Heed this Instagram bio tip if you’re looking to find a specific woman: if you’re a nerd who’s into playing Pac-Man and kicking ass and taking names in DD, cool, show the world that’s who you are.

You won’t want to date a woman that isn’t into the same things you are.

Many a man assumes that when looking for love online it’s better to cast a wide net rather than fish with a pole. The latter is always the better option. Don’t be afraid to show exactly who you are for fear that a female won’t connect with your hobbies.

I guarantee there are women that will be into you exactly because you’re into some arcane or uncommon hobby.

Jake Pavelka

instagram bio ideas

Does Jake Pavelka have one too many selfies in his profile, yes, but he also has a ton of other non-selfie photos.

That’s what makes Pavelka’s profile worth swiping right on (remember, your IG is an online dating app).

The man wakeboards, cooks, is a pilot, goes to rock shows, and has friends. That’s all a woman peeping at her crush online ever wants to see.

Take your notes from Jake and show her your entire personality.

Jason Mesnick

instagram bio ideas

I’m just gonna be upfront, Jason isn’t the best looking guy.

He’s clearly not ugly, but he’s no Hemsworth either. Despite that I still find myself attracted to his profile — why is that?

Honestly, it’s because he’s a Dad. Not only that but because he wears that label on his chest like a badge of honor. In just about every other photo we see him playing with his children, clearly loving parenthood.

Women love men that are good with children. Never, never hide your children or try to cover them up because you think they’d scare away a woman. Eventually, you’re going to have to tell her you have kids right? There’s no point in getting involved with a woman who doesn’t want to date a man with kids.

It’s not like you’re going to sell your kids so you can have a chance to go out with some chick you met on IG right?

Jesse Palmer

instagram bio ideas

Check out Jesse Palmer’s IG at any time of the year and you’ll learn three things about him. He likes his dog, he’s super into football, and he’s obsessed about his dog.

The thing is, that’s not bad.

A dog food company named, Webbox conducted a two-week dating app experiment where they attempted to answer one simple question: does posting photos of you and your dog increase the chances of scoring more matches?

Men that added a couple of dog photos to their existing profile experienced a 38% increase in matches.

If you do have a dog, post a dog pic every few weeks. If you don’t have a dog, don’t steal someone else’s.

Andrew Firestone

instagram bio ideas

What makes Andre’s profile special aren’t his photos.

As we’ve seen by now, it isn’t difficult to post about your hobbies or about your kids.

What sets Andrew apart is the gratitude he dishes out.

Andrew shows us that you should always be mindful of the captions you write.

An incredibly attractive trait is gratitude and the realization that you didn’t get to where you are today alone. Plenty of guys do nothing more than boast about how awesome their lives are.

Andrew boasts about how awesome the people in his life are.

Blake Monar

instagram bio ideas

The big takeaway from Blake’s profile is that every profile should be full of photos that clearly show the viewer what you look like.

Every once in a while it’s okay to post a photo that doesn’t clearly show your face, but for the most part you want to show the world what you look like.

Blake Moynes

instagram bio ideas

Show her the type of life she could be living.

That’s what Blake does. 

Blake’s an outdoorsy, build my own house kind of guy. That’s fine if you aren’t but what isn’t fine is only providing your IG followers with a narrow view of your life.

Let that guard down and show your viewers what they’re missing.

Instagram Bio Ideas for Guys Wrap-up: What Now?

Now that you’re stocked with awesome Instagram bio ideas it’s time to revamp your account.

But even after you’ve implemented these ideas you can’t be certain that you’ll get the girl.

To effectively pick a woman up online you’ll have to know how to slide into her DMs without being a creep, how to use a TDL, and how to plan the most awesome first date.

If you’re still not certain as to how to go about doing these things, then it may be time to call an expert.

Let’s connect via a 1-on-1 Zoom call so I (or one of my colleagues) can learn about all your romantic needs.

Together we’ll create a personalized dating blueprint that works for you. We’ll also discuss our coaching and matchmaking programs to see if they can help you reach your dating goals this year.

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