Best Dating Advice I’ve Ever Received I 50 Countries Share

Best Dating Advice I’ve Ever Received I 50 Countries Share

August 13, 2021 Off By admin

Dating + culture advice from me (the creator of the channel):

We got 50 people from 50 countries, Egypt to Trinidad, to share their best (and weirdest) dating advice that they’ve ever received from their parents or friends to see how values, and the concept of dating differs around the world. Check it out and see which dating advice you like best!

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Dating Beyond Borders is a Youtube channel that focuses on highlighting the cultural differences that come into play while dating people from other countries.

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Alexandra Augustine (directing)
Jason Tojeiro (video/editing)

Stacey (Nigeria):
Paulina (Poland):
Alex (Germany):
Antonella (Italy):
Nav (India):
Yiannis (Greece):
Meydge (France):…
Callum (Scotland):
Marianna (northern Ireland):
Rebecca (Trinidad):
Estella: (Uganda):
Lesedi (Botswana):
Lakeisha (Bahamas):
Tamar (Lebanon):
Sabina (Azerbaijan):
Kineta (Indonesia):
Rojin (Iran):
Akari (Japan):
Malayka (Egypt):
Andreas (Denmark):…
Victor (Spain):
Jeyzon (DR):
Claudia (Peru):
Ghea (Philippines):…
Gabriela (Argentina):…
Jinho (Korea):
Estefania (Ecuador):…
Klajd (Albania):
Nobu (UK):
Shubei (China):…
Laura (Netherlands):…
Olga (Russia):
Andrey (Belarus):
Andrei (Romania):
Samina (Kazakhstan):
Aleks (Australia):…
Charlot (Norway):
Katya (Ukraine):
Kyle (Canada):…
Gabriela (Chile):
Cynthia (Mexico):

Filmed in:
Toronto, Canada