Boston Matchmaker: How to Get 15 Dates in 3 Months

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Boston is the dating mecca of New England.

Being the largest city in the region by some 500,000 people, Boston has an enlarged impact on the area despite being a city of less than a million people.

The city is home to massive professional clubs, to some of the best universities in the world, and plays host to any and every major musician that travels through New England.

It’s this effervescence that makes Boston a dating haven… kind of.

Ya see, Boston is a bit lopsided.

If you’re a woman, dating in Beantown can be quite the drag.

With only 94 men for every 100 women, it can sometimes prove difficult to find a worthy Bostonian man.

But you’re not here to learn about the romantic difficulties of women are you? You’re here to learn how you, as a man, can reap the rewards of the Boston dating scene.

With a Boston matchmaker by your side, leveraging the gender ratio will be a breeze. Before we dig into the best Boston dating services, let’s first get acquainted with the Boston dating scene.

Boston By The Numbers

According to a 2014 Boston Redevelopment Authority report on women, 52.1% of city inhabitants are female. Since 2000 Boston’s female population has seen an increase of 5.3% whereas its male population has only increased by 4.4%. Many of these women are the head of their households. 16.3% of all homes are headed by women, with husbands nowhere to be found.

The women of Boston aren’t spread out evenly throughout the city. 18.8% of all women (or 60,369) live in the neighborhood of Dorchester. The next most populous neighborhoods for women are Roxbury, Brighton, and Jamaica Plain.

But having many more women than men isn’t always a good thing. What matters is how old these women are. Lucky for you, 34.6% of the female population in Boston is between the ages of 20-34. Compare this to the national average of just 19.8%. The next largest age group is 35-54, coming in at 23.3% of the total female population.

So we know that Boston women are plentiful and fall within preferable age brackets, but are they educated, are they single?

Boston women are super educated. In part thanks to the high concentration of amazing universities in the area, 38.6% of Boston women over the age of 25 have a BA or better. The national average is 28.2%. Of adult Bostonian women, 54.8% have never been married. This is way higher than the national average of 28.7%.

As if these numbers weren’t enough to make you ecstatic, there’s one more stat I’d like to share.

In 2013, Trulia found that Boston had the third-highest ratio of single women to men.

It’s pretty fair to say that Boston is one of the best places to live in if you’re a single, heterosexual male. If you’re a female, Boston is one of the worst. Glamour Magazine and both named Boston as the worst major city for single women to date in.

But hey, their loss is your win.

The First Date

With a surplus of women to choose from and a Boston matchmaker by your side, you’ll soon be going on a ton of first dates. The question is, where to go and what to do?

I advise men going on first dates to spend no more than one hour and no more than $10 on a first date.


Well, even with the help of a Boston matchmaker, the person you’re dating is a complete stranger. Sure you know they meet your criteria, and yes you know what they look like, but these are shallow factors. Everything changes when you sit down across from that person and get to talking.

It’s possible that within the first few seconds you know you have no future with this person. If that’s the case, you’ll look pretty silly having already agreed to a three-course meal and a show.

Don’t over-invest in strangers.

When you pair Boston dating services with matchmaking you’re likely to go on a myriad of dates. You’ll want to make sure you have enough time and money to spend on the other many compatible women you’ll be dating.

With that said, here are the best Boston-based first date ideas that adhere to MegaDating guidelines.

The Charles River Esplanade is free, outdoors, and involves dope views. This is ideal for a first date. You don’t really want to be sequestered in a quiet place indoors where everyone can hear that you’re on a first date.

A leisurely stroll with a pastry in hand is a laid back first date idea. There’s no place better to bring this date to fruition than by walking around the North End while eating a pastry or fresh break from Bova’s Bakery.

The standard first date is coffee. It’s cheap, easy, and usually quite boring. Sweeten things up a bit when you ask her to hit up Kane’s Donut. What women would turn down a first date that involves gobbling up a few maple bacon donuts? Let’s be real.

Boston Dating Apps

While dating apps are now the most popular way to meet a single woman, they’re also terribly frustrating.

Men will complain that finding a date online is akin to a woman finding a date in Boston. Dating apps have become virtual sausage fests. Estimates show that Tinder’s user-base may be comprised of almost 80% male profile. Despite this obstacle, Tinder is a location-based dating app, that for the most part only shows you profiles of women close by. Considering Boston is female-heavy, it makes sense that most chances for finding a match will be better for males in the Boston area than males elsewhere.

When you’re not relying on a Boston matchmaker to find you a date, you should look to Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

Tinder’s is the most popular dating app in MA, Bumble is for young singles that graduate from Tinder, and Hinge genuinely cares about finding you a partner.

Download and use at least a few apps when swiping for your next girlfriend.

Boston Matchmaker

If you’re a dude living in Boston everything seems to be on your side.

The gender ratio, the wealth of date ideas, dating apps, etc.

But even still you’re struggling to find a partner.

That could be for a myriad of different reasons, but none of that matters anymore.

When you enlist the help of emlovz, you’re not only getting access to a Boston matchmaker but to a dating coach as well.

Here’s the thing.

What’s the point in going on a myriad of dates if you don’t know how to date?

When we team up I’ll teach you the ins and outs of dating. With either 12 private or group coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to find dates, ask women out, create a successful date experience, and ultimately how to find your next relationship. Many a matchmaker will find you a date that you’re more or less compatible with and leave you to your own devices. But what happens when after the matchmaking contract has expired and you’re still single?

emlovz equips you with the skills you need so that you won’t have to rely on a matchmaker. In just a few months you’ll learn dating skills that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

Despite teaching you how to mine for dates through coaching sessions, we realize that you may be too busy to find dates yourself. If that’s the case we’ve got you covered. In just 3-6 months we’ll hook you up on 15 first date introductions.

For a single matchmaking client we’ll source approximately 800-1,000 candidates, interview 50-75 of them, and fully schedule the best 15 of them on Zoom first dates over the course of 6 months — but likely much sooner, more like 3 months. Just give us your weekly calendar and we’ll load up these dates in your free time.

So how exactly do we determine if a woman is compatible or not?

First, we deploy a team of e-recruiters to comb through the city and county you live in, looking for women that satisfy your dating criteria. Once found, we further interview these women to ascertain that they’re right for you. From there we’ll schedule a first date for you.

Again, remember, you’re not alone.

Along with 15 dates, we prepare you with the help of 12 coaching sessions.

Any and all worries will be addressed in these coaching sessions. Common worries like, how to touch a woman, how to accelerate a bond, how to ask her on a second date, when to text her after a date, how to move on to another woman, and other concerns will all be addressed.

Let’s Start Dating!

We’ll guide you through the Boston dating scene.

We’ll teach you how to date and hook you up with compatible women.

All you’ve got to do is answer the question: are you ready for love?

If so, book a New Client 1-on-1 Zoom Session with yours truly.

Together we’ll map out a plan of attack and put you on a path towards romantic success.

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