How To Look Your Best For A Virtual Date

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Wondering how to look your best for a virtual date? You’re not alone.

The pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down.

What was once done in person must now be done online.

And even though it feels as though the pandemic is creeping towards a close many of the old-new ways of doing things are sticking around.

One of those new norms that will outlast COVID-19 is virtual dating.

After the pandemic hit, dating apps experienced a surge in usage.

Match Group, the company that owns apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid experienced a 15% increase in new users during the second quarter of 2020.

Just after the pandemic started in March, Tinder recorded its highest single-day swipe total at 3 billion. Perhaps Americans couldn’t see each other but that didn’t mean they’d stop getting their flirt on, even if it meant only seeing each other online.

As the world rapidly changed, so have our dating habits.

One noticeable habit that changed and looks like it’s here to stay is that of video dating. Dating via Zoom, FaceTime, or the video calling features within dating apps themselves have all surged.

Bumble reported a 70% increase in video calls from March to May of 2020.

But just because the mediums and styles we use to date have changed rapidly doesn’t mean we’ve been able to keep up.

Virtual dating via FaceTime and the like is just, well, weird.

You can’t hug hello, read non-verbal cues as well, or give her an end-of-date smooch should the date have gone well.

This new norm is a puzzling one, which is why we’re here to help.

We’ve consulted with personal stylists and dating coaches to help you figure out one of the most crucial aspects of virtual dating; how to dress.

So in this article, we’ll give you the fashion advice you need to look your best for a virtual date.

How to Look Your Best for a Virtual Date


Growing it out a bit has never been so fashionable.

I mean, and why not?

It’s not like you’re seeing anyone important right?

Well, that was the case and might still be. But if you’re trying to woo a lovely lady via a virtual date, you might want to rethink that attitude.

“To create the perfect presentation for your date you want to make sure that you are well-groomed and put together and there are no unwanted or wild hairs.”

This sage advice comes from personal stylist, Evonya Easley, whose works has appeared on Fox, MSNBC, Disney VH1, and more.

how to look your best for a virtual date

It doesn’t matter if someone’s face is a bit more pixel-like via Zoom than IRL.

When Zooming you’ll want to make sure that your face is front and center. Virtual dating is a weird medium that naturally dehumanizes you when compared to dating IRL.

Your job is to make yourself as likable as possible. To do so you’ll have to show your face… ideally one that’s been groomed.

Evonya isn’t the only stylist that places great importance on grooming.

Anastasia Svetahor is an SF-based stylist and stylist instructor at Dash Style. She believes that grooming before a date is about more than just looking good.

“Grooming is also very important and often forgotten about. Make sure to at least brush your hair and make it look presentable.

If you have any facial hair, it’s worth putting some extra effort into it: brush and oil your beard, shape your mustache – it will show your date that you’re taking it seriously and treat them with respect.”

Now that beard has been styled, unibrow tweezed, and hair cut, it’s time to talk about that shirt of yours.

That Shirt Of Yours

After you’ve made sure your face is ready for the bright lights of Zoom it’s time to talk about that shirt.

The second most important visual aspect of a Zoom date will be your attire. Being that you probably won’t take your Zoom date standing up, she’ll only ever really see your face and shirt.

This places even more importance on the shirt you decide to wear.

Anastasia says that when choosing an outfit there are a few things to keep in mind.

“Layering is one of the key things to consider when choosing an outfit. Think a simple tee and a shirt, or a shirt with a denim jacket over it. Not only does it look stylish and more put together, but it also gives you more confidence psychologically.

Plus, if you have not been working out during quarantine (duh who has been?), layers will help add more bulk to the upper chest and arms. However, avoid putting a button-down with a formal jacket to avoid being too formal.”

what to wear on a virtual date

When it comes to the t-shirt you should wear, Anastasia has a few recommendations:

— Skip patters (no stripes or small-scale plaids)

— Solid colors that match your eye color

— Wear a shirt that starts a conversation (e.g. graphic tee, band shirt, a shirt that displays personality, a lapel)

But ya, know, maybe you don’t have a denim jacket that you can rock, or maybe that’s just not your style.

No worries.

Evonya says that’s not a problem.

“Choose a bold color top such as a polo or button-down, you will know when it feels right!”

Ultimately that’s the key here.

You want to feel comfortable. You could be dressed to impress the Queen of England herself but if you feel out of place the date won’t go well. It’s this thinking that led Anastasia to recommend even spraying a bit of cologne on yourself before the date. Sure your date won’t smell you, but it’s not for her, it’s for you.

Do everything in your power to ensure that you enter that Zoom date with confidence and comfort… just don’t wear your birthday suit.

emlovz’s own dating coach extraordinaire, Audrey Lorraine takes a different route when offering up shirt-game advice for a virtual date.

“For casual virtual dates, I would recommend that guys dress in a shirt that is most flattering to them. If you always get compliments when you wear a certain shirt, definitely pick that one for the date!

I love when a guy wears a fitted (not skintight) crew neck, long sleeve t-shirt. I believe these types of shirts portray comfort and style, especially if it’s waffle knit.”

So far we’ve heard about what you should wear. Now let’s talk about what you shouldn’t.

Christina Imberlina is a personal stylist that has helped more than her fair share of gauche men go from disheveled to chic. So yeah, she’s styled her fair share of men that didn’t know how to dress.

What it comes to fashion faux pas to avoid on a virtual date, this is what she advises:

“You want to show that you put in effort into your look without trying too hard. Tailoring is also key, I would stay away from baggy or bulky items, this adds unnecessary weight, and it can be distracting.

If you don’t own an iron or a steamer, then invest now. Wrinkles can give your date the impression that you weren’t willing to put in the necessary time to prep for your virtual date.

I know online dating is more about building the relationship from an emotional standpoint but how you look on that screen can really make or break it!”

So… your facial hair has been tamed and your shirt’s been picked out, now what?

Those Pants Of Yours

It’s easy to place all the importance on picking out the perfect shirt.

However, when it comes to a date — whether it takes place IRL or via Zoom — you’ve got to prepare for every situation.

That means never getting caught with your pants down… or off.

That’s one massive mistake style coach Rayne Parvis says that guys can too easily make on a Zoom date.

“A big mistake is only dressing on top and forgetting your bottoms.

It looks really inappropriate when you get up to get that second glass of wine and flash your boxers or wrinkled joggers.

When you put extra effort and care into your dating wardrobe, your date will get the overall picture that you will put extra effort into her. And what woman doesn’t want that!”

Far too often men have been leisurely taking their Zoom calls in the comfort of their own boxers. Taking semi-nude virtual work calls is now en vogue.

Just ask this guy.

Avoid a blunder that will cost you a second date (one that probably takes place in person) by simply wearing a pair of pants, the kind that you’d be comfortable wearing to a work meeting… one that takes place in person. 

Room Decor/Location 

Rarely will she see the inside of your apartment on a first date.

This is one of the few occasions where you two will first meet inside your kitchen, living room, or yes even your bedroom.

Seeing how you live is pretty revealing and can either prop up or mutilate her perception of you.

First off you’ll want to choose that most flattering room as Audrey explains.

“Go to the room in your house with the best lighting, or bring a lamp into a room that has a pretty backdrop. This could be a beautiful kitchen, a dining room with art on the wall behind you, or even a clean bedroom. Make sure that whatever space you are in is attractive enough for her to want to be there someday.”

When choosing where to set up shop, keep that line in your mind, “make sure that whatever space you are in is attractive enough for her to want to be there someday.”

As far as what not to do when setting up shop, well…

“On a first date, do not start the date sitting on your coach with a laptop on your lap. This could easily come across as you being uninterested. Put time into setting up your laptop an hour before the date starts, so you aren’t getting everything ready as she joins the call.”

When choosing your backdrop here a few other things to keep in mind:

— No weird colored lighting (duh)

— Tidy up whatever room you’ll be chatting in (double duh)

— Have some art on the walls or plants in the background

— Strategically place books that speak to your personality and may spark a conversation behind you


If you can avoid it, don’t use a simple solid colored background. And by if, I mean do.

Considering how young and fragile the relationship is you’ll want to do everything in your power to get create a good first impression and get to a second date.

Zoom dates aren’t spontaneous. You have time to create a compelling backdrop. Use that time to implement the aforementioned tips.

Now that you’re about ready for that date it’s time we discussed one last thing.

If you’re still curious as to what a solid backdrop looks like, just consult the pros over at Room Rater.


Flirting via Zoom can get weird.

Not only is it a relatively new medium for most people, those that do use it aren’t on it to date.

The lack of social cues means that it’s all about the quality of the conversation. It isn’t your good looks or boyish ability to flirt that will get you to the next round, it’s all about how well you can listen and hold an engaging conversation.

Audrey speaks to these points when she says:

“Most importantly, be yourself and show interest in the girl by listening to her when she talks and engaging fully in the conversation. Virtual dating is easier if you know the tips and tricks to making it fun.”

Most guys are nervous when it comes to a first date… even more so when it’s via Zoom.

Your natural inclination will be to talk away your anxiety. Don’t do this.

Instead, kick back and listen to her. Ask her exceptional first date questions and actually give a damn about what she’s got to say. Once you find a mutual interest you two vibe on, dive into that topic and get your bond on.

To avoid the inevitable awkwardness of having nothing to talk about, make sure that your date lasts only 30 minutes.

Before the date begins, make it known that you only have about 30 minutes for the date. This will give you an early out and ensure that you don’t spend hours upon hours making contrived chit-chat with someone you’re not even compatible with.

What Now?

Now that you know how to look your best for a virtual date, it’s time to use a TDL to ask that woman you met on Hinge out on a virtual date.

That being said if you’re still not comfortable going on a date via Zoom, I know someone that can imbue you with the confidence and skills you need to have an awesome Zoom date.

Chat with an emlovz dating coach & matchmaker via a 1-on-1 Zoom call (no this will not be a date, though still feel free to groom yourself) about your dating goals and how emlovz can help you achieve them.

With the help of our coaching and matchmaking programs, you’ll learn how to date various women at once, how to meet compatible women, how to court them, or simply get matched up on your terms.

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