Sex and Dating Apps | Rob Henderson & Hafeez Baoku

Sex and Dating Apps | Rob Henderson & Hafeez Baoku

December 7, 2021 Off By admin

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This week on the podcast Hafeez is joined by Rob Henderson to discuss dating apps, luxury beliefs and young adults attitudes towards sex. Be sure to have the YouTube notifications on for information about The Standard on December 13rd.

00:00-00:59- Intro
01:00-14:26- Guest Backstory: Rob Henderson
14:27-20:41- What Are Luxury Beliefs
20:42-28:04- Luxury Beliefs Burden The Underprivileged
28:05-40:22- Luxury Beliefs About Relationships
40:23-55:38- Social Realities Of Dating Apps
55:39-01:04:35- Purpose vs Passion Based Marriages
01:04:36-01:15:06- Do Dating Apps Help The Average Man?
01:15:07-01:20:25- The Paradox Of Choice
01:20:26-01:25:07- Closing Messages

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