The Armenian Dating Show | Peak My Interest | Episode 7

The Armenian Dating Show | Peak My Interest | Episode 7

December 4, 2021 Off By admin

The Armenian Dating Show follows Armenian singles in Los Angeles as they go on blind dates looking for their perfect Armenian match, but the blind dates must meet the singles’ family before they meet the singles.

The Armenian Dating Show | Peak My Interest | Episode 7

Ari’s family meets his second date, Maro, a dentist who also enjoys exploring different hobbies. Shant shoots his shot with Liana, but has he learned from his past dates, or will he airball? Aleksan’s suspicions are put to rest when he finds out Vanessa is real.

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Directed by Zoe Malhotra
Created by Anthony Dikran Abaci and Alexa Dameri

“Sev Sev Achair” by Jozeph Sefian