The Dating Scene & Best Matchmaker In Alexandria, VA

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Dating around in Alexandria can have quite the colonial feel.

Walking arm in arm with a woman you met at church as you meander through cobblestone streets and gush over 18th-century buildings.

Yet while Alexandria, Virginia may be steeped in the past, you don’t want your dating methods shackled to past practices.

While matchmakers have been around since biblical times their practices have evolved quite a bit. From Eliezer standing around a well for hours waiting for a woman to offer his camels water thus proving she’s a match for Isaac to the 21st century where emlovz deploys a team of e-recruiters to comb through the city of Alexandria and surrounding area on a mission to find you compatible dates.

But before divulge the practices of the best matchmaker in Alexandria, let’s talk about the city and surrounding area.

Alexandria By The Numbers

Virginia’s 6th largest city, Alexandria, is home to approximately 160,000 residents. But the unfiltered population number isn’t very helpful when trying to figure out your dating prospects.

The key number for you is 51.8%. This is the percentage of women that live in Alexandria.

But when talking about dating in the area, we can’t be overly focused on Alexandria. D.C. is a quick 15-20 train or car ride away. Many of those that live in Alexandria, work in D.C. This proximity opens the door to having relationships with women that live in the capital. If you’re a single man with an education and a job, you’ve got your pick of the bunch.

This is because there’s a dearth of high-quality single men in the capital.

If we took a random sample of 100 single, college-educated D.C. residents, we’d probably find about 53 women and 47 men. There’s a nationwide trend where women are going to college, graduating, and then entering the workforce at a higher and faster rate than men. Census shows that of the people that move to D.C. the majority are these intelligent, young, and most importantly, single women.

If we take an even bigger step back we find that in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area, there are 322,532 single women and just 283,414 single men. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, 70% of the adult population living in D.C. is single and ready to romantically lobby you. If you’re a single heterosexual male living in or around this metro area these numbers should make you want to jump for joy, sign onto Tinder, and swipe away.

But it isn’t just D.C. that has a favorable gender ratio for men, it’s also Fairfax County. That county in which Alexandria lies has about 100 women for every 98 men.

But what if you’re a homebody that doesn’t want to date anyone outside of Alexandria?

52% of Alexandria residents are women. Of these women about 1/3rd are between the ages of 25-39, with the median age coming in at 36.5 which is two years younger than the national average. As expected, Alexandria women are highly educated. 62% of residents over the age of 25 have at least a BA. The national average is 31% and the percentage in D.C. is around 58%.

The Type Of Women You’ll Date

Every woman is unique.

That’s obvious.

But it’s true that each city attracts and molds a certain type of person.

Since Alexandria is just outside of one of the most bustling cities in the nation, you’re more likely than not to find ambitious, wealthy, dynamic women interested in moving up the professional ladder. Surprisingly, the Alexandria dating scene is a tad more chill than that of D.C. Not all the women that live in Alexandria might be caught up in the fast-paced professional world of D.C. That being said, expect to date a bright woman that won’t settle for a man that’s stagnant, minces his words, or doesn’t know what he wants.

Be on your toes when dating in Alexandria.

This means taking your shot when you have it and not wasting people’s time.

She doesn’t want a Bumble pen-pal, she wants someone that will jump at the opportunity to join her on a boat cruise on the Potomac. Don’t putz around or come off as timid. Rather, show her you’ve got initiative and definitely use a TDL when asking her out. Sure these rules apply regardless of the city you’re dating in, but even more so in Alexandria.

Lastly, let’s talk about politics for a second. Being on the skirts of the capital (in fact, a portion of Alexandria once formed a part of D.C.) the women of Alexandria are particularly politically and socially conscious. They, like many residents in the county, lean heavily Democratic. In fact, 70% of residents voted for Biden in the 2020 election. We can infer that single women between the ages of 25-40 are even bluer than the former figure suggests.

If your lady friend is of a different political leaning, that may be a dealbreaker. A recent Pew Research study found that 84% of Dems wouldn’t consider dating a Republican.

First Date Spots In Alexandria & Surrounding Area

Without a doubt, the first date is the most crucial.

With little if any rapport yet established she’ll base her entire opinion of you on how well the first date goes.

With that being said there are some rules you should follow to make sure the date goes smoothly.

For one, first dates should last no longer than an hour and no more than $10 should be spent.

Why, you ask?

Because she’s a stranger. Unless she’s in your friend circle, it’s more likely than not that you don’t really know this woman. That being the case why would you ask her to a 3-course meal that lasts 2 hours when there’s a good chance the minute she sits her butt at that cushion you know there’s no attraction.

This is why first dates must be short and cheap. With that in mind here are some quality first date options in the area:

-If she’s new to town grab a coffee and walk down Captain’s Row

-Pick up some fresh food at the Old Town Farmer’s Market

-Snag a brew at Port City Brewing Company

-Hike Dora Kelley Nature Park

-Any of these free activities

Make sure that dates take place midweek and while there’s still light outside. Keep things light while on the date. No touching her lower back or being overly aggressive. Be a gentleman, get to know her, and use a TDL to ask her on a second date at the end of the first.

Best Alexandria Matchmaker

Just because women outnumber men doesn’t mean it’s easy to date in the Alexandria-D.C. metro area.

With the in-flux professional life that so many adults live, it can be difficult to date around.

That’s where we come in.

Emlovz is a matchmaker unlike any other.

The best dating service serving Alexandria uses an innovative approach to finding compatible singles.

First we have a team of e-recruiters scour your city looking for compatibles singles that fit your specific criteria. This initial sweep produces a list of about 1,000 people. From here the list is trimmed down to about 75. After a bit more weeding, a final 15 candidates are selected for you.

Over the course of 3-6 months, you’ll have the opportunity to go out with these singles that have been hand-picked and vetted. This strategy of recruiting is unlike those used by any other matchmaker.

Emlovz doesn’t recycle women or randomly select them out of a stale database. Instead, we meticulously comb through the masses in the effort to find you a woman that you’re highly compatible with. But dating 15 highly compatible matches in 3-6 months isn’t enough to secure you a long term relationship.

There’s little point in dating the woman of your dreams if your dating skills are below par.

To combat this, we pair matchmaking with pre and post date coaching.

Look we use tennis coaches, life coaches, and even spiritual coaches, so why not dating coaches too?

The experts at emlovz guide you through what it takes to date in the 21st century. You’ll learn why it’s important to MegaDate, what to say during your dates, how to communicate in between dates, how to effectively use a TDL, and everything else needed to turn you into a dating pro.

Get Started Today

The decision is yours.

Alexandria’s dating scene is ripe.

Do you want to seize some low-hanging fruit and enjoy the dating scene or are you going to keep carrying on as you have been?

Changing your dating fortunes means booking a 1-on-1 new client Zoom call with emlovz.

In your first chat the dating coaches and matchmakers at emlovz will listen to your dating troubles and formulate a dating blueprint that is tailor-made to address your needs. We’ll also diagnose whether our coaching and matchmaking programs could be right for you.

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