What’s The Best Dating Site for Divorced Parents?

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Looking for the best dating site for divorced parents? It’s daunting I get it.

Most likely your biggest fear is not finding someone to date.

It’s that you might run into a cousin, ex-wife, student, or god forbid — your offspring.

Fret not my newly divorced, single, and ready-to-mingle-2020-style friend.

The online dating game isn’t just for the young and hormone-frenzied girls and boys of the world. Online dating started for older singles looking for love and still caters to such a demographic.

But with so many apps and websites designed with single 20-somethings in mind, it can be difficult to sort out which is the best dating site for divorced parents.

With this mystery in mind, we’ll detail which websites and apps you should log onto in order to find a serious single looking to date a divorced parent.

Best Dating Sites & Apps For Divorced Parents

First, let’s dispel a myth that has deterred older singles from using dating apps.

According to a 2020 Pew Research study, 38% of those aged 30-49 have at one time used a dating app. 16% of these users have ultimately married or entered into a serious relationship with someone they met online. Of those aged 50-64, 19% at one point used an online dating website or app. Hell, even 13% of those 65 and up have relied on online dating to meet someone.

Online dating might not be talked about in the same way that the younger generations talk about it, but that doesn’t make it taboo, it makes it different. One difference is that if you’re 35+ you’re probably not looking for a quick one-night stand you’ve never met before IRL.

Older users are logging in with the ultimate goal of logging out.

They want to find a compatible person and get the hell out of there.

So no, don’t be deterred by online dating apps. Even if your buddies aren’t talking about them, they’re still being used at a pretty high rate by your contemporaries.

Don’t believe me?

Just log onto one of the following apps to find out.


Let’s just be frank, just about every app out there is designed not to help you find a partner, but to addict you.

Common sense tells us that if a dating app was 100% successful it wouldn’t be very profitable. It’s one of those weird cases where the more efficient a company’s service is, the less money it makes.

Apps like Tinder is designed to turn users into playing cards that are callously accepted or declined. Hinge however, has the same look and feel as some of the most popular dating apps, without the addictive nature.

Hinge claims to be “the dating app designed to be deleted.” While that’s a pretty kick-ass slogan, how do the inner workings of the app back up such a claim?

For one, Hinge limits, free users, to 10 likes a day. If you had unlimited likes it’s more than probable that you’d blind-swipe until your finger tires. Limited swipes force you to carefully choose who you wish to dole them out to. You can’t just swipe right on a single person with a nice face anymore. You have to see users as more than cards in a playing deck and really learn about the individual. Because of this you’re more likely to spend more time reading their profiles, learning more about them, and weighing your options. Oh, and with 10 likes a day you won’t spend hours upon hours on a dating app.

Hinge also proves that it gives a genuine crap about your love life through its “your turn” feature. Look, no one likes getting ghosted or sending a message to a woman only to wait 5 days for a response. To combat this, Hinge will nudge a user to respond to a message by with a notification reminding them it’s their turn to respond.

Lastly, Hinge uses a Nobel-prize winning algorithm to hook you up. While other apps will present you with a list of singles that are either active or out of your league to keep you on the app, Hinge prefers to actually place your profile in front of compatible users. Every 24 hours you’re sent a number of users that you’re highly compatible with. Forget about wasting your time with singles you have nothing in common with. With Hinge’s creepy good algorithm your search for love is expedited.

These features all sound gravy but do they really translate to success. Well according to Hinge, yes. They report that 75% of Hinge users that meet for a first date go on a second.


Bumble’s like Tinder but for singles that are actually self-aware and no longer list “keg-stands” as a hobby.

To be fair, Bumble’s user base is on the younger side — but what’s wrong with dating a woman a little younger than yourself?

Bumble, the feminist version of Tinder is the most widely used app in the nation, second only behind Tinder. What this means for you is that you’ll have a wide selection of young, single, socially conscious, and respected singles in your pocket at all times.

The app might be best know for its messaging dynamic that requires women to start conversations. Should a female who matched with a user not start the convo within 24 hours the match disappears. This is where the feminist aspect of the app emerges.

While the app might look and feel a lot like Tinder what sets it apart most are its users. Sure they’re mostly young but they’re also more serious about dating and settling down than Tinder users. Think of Bumble as the app that Tinder users graduate to when they’re done meeting up with random people for late-night dalliances.

If you’re worried about running into someone 10, 15, 20 years your junior, just change the search preferences so that you’re only searching for singles within your age preference.

Bumble is a rapidly expanding dating app and company that you’ll want to download along with these other apps.

Silver Singles

The first two apps are designed with an age demographic of 20-35-year-old users in mind. That isn’t to say that older men aren’t allowed on the app, rather that the bulk of its users fall into this age bracket.

That isn’t the case with Silver Singles.

SS is exclusively for singles over 50.

If you’re deadset on meeting someone over 50, this is the best dating site for divorced parents of such an age.

As you have deduced, SS is a niche dating site. It uses an algorithm to fill the role of matchmakers. It also boasts a profile confirmation system that ensures that users won’t be catfished.

While the first two apps profiled are 100% free to use, Silver Singles isn’t. To even view matches you’re going to have to dish out some benjis. To even get to the point of login you’ll first have to spend a few hours answering questions. You’ll be asked to fill out an extensive personality test and to post a few photos.

The cost of Silver Singles is as follows:

-$24.95/month (for 12 months)

-$34.95/month (for 6 months)

-$44.95/month (for 3 months)

While you might jump at the idea of meeting singles over 50, remember that niche dating sites such as this one tend to have far less users than more popular dating websites such as Bumble, Harmony, and Match.com

I strongly advise you to sign up for various dating apps and websites instead of hoping that your next significant other is swiping on the only app you are too.

Our Time

Silver Singles isn’t the only website designed with those 50+ in mind.

Our Time is a dating website and app created for singles 50 and older.

Our Time is for anyone over 50 that is looking for companionship. That companionship can range from having a sexy pen pal to a single person interested in putting herself out there and finding love again. Our Time has a sleek design that anyone can use. It allows users to interact via text, phone, and email.

Similar to Hinge, Our Time will only present you with 10 daily matches. You can of course use the search filter to find compatible singles, but these folks may not be to your liking the same way that your daily matches are.

The site boasts over 7 million visitors a month and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on Android phones.

If you’re new to dating and aren’t really aware as to how to start a conversation online, Our Time addresses that worry by offering users four questions that users can custom-design when someone attempts to send them a message.

Final Option

Going it alone can be scary as hell.

The dating scene was without a doubt considerably different the last time you were single. But different doesn’t have to mean daunting or even impossible.

emlovz is a full-service dating agency that will show you how to crush the dating scene.

Look, 39% of all relationships that started in 2017 began online. That number will only continue to rise with time.

If you’ve been eschewing online dating out of fear or embarrassment you’ll continue on the same path you’ve been on. Your friends and social groups are dried up of all the singles. There isn’t the same dating pool you’re used to swimming in. Online dating helps add water to that singles pool by hooking you up with people that aren’t necessarily in your social circle.

Through our coaching services, we’ll show you have to become an online dating expert. My team of coaches and I will guide you through choosing the right dating apps, creating a profile, messaging, asking them out, and ultimately getting your next significant other.

With one hour-long session a week we’ll teach you the ins and outs of dating in the 21st century.

But ya know what, not everybody has the time or drive for online dating.

Some guys are in need of a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’. That’s where our matchmaking services come in.

Unlike other matchmakers, we don’t pull a name out of a hat and set you up with a recycled singles from a limited database.

We do the exact opposite.

After enlisting our matchmaking services, we’ll deploy a team of e-recruiters to comb through the singles in your area regardless of where you live. From that initial search, we’ll find 1,000 or so candidates we deem worthy of learning more about. Then we’ll gradually trim the list down to a final list of 15 highly compatible singles (you don’t wanna date 1,000 anyways).

From here we’ll set you up with these potentials throughout the course of a 3-6 month period.

Being single and divorced doesn’t condemn you to a life of loneliness. Sure it can feel that way sometimes but that’s just not how it is.

We like to think of it as another chance.

Another chance to find a significant other even better than the first.

With our help you’ll begin dating again the right way.

We’ll teach you how to MegaDate, how to never settle, and how to find an awesome person worthy of calling your own in quick time.

To begin book a 1-on-1 New Client Zoom session with emlovz.

Together we’ll create a tailor-made dating blueprint and set you off on your romantic journey.

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