Your Guide to Dating in Madison Wi (Wisconsin)

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Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami.

When you think of living the uninhibited single life, it’s these three social havens that come to mind.

But according to WalletHub’s annual list of the best cities for singles (2020 edition), these three didn’t even rank in the top 50.

Now to be fair WH’s list took into account the severity of COVID-19 restrictions each city and state had in place. But this was just one of the dozens of metrics WalletHub used to generate the list.

So if three of the US’s most dynamic cities didn’t top the list, which city did?


To be 100% clear, it was Madison, WI. I understand that some readers might not immediately know where Madison is or even knew it was a city before learning it topped WH’s list of the best cities for singles in America. But alas, it’s true. Badger city takes the cake as well as the hearts of many a single person.

So what makes Madison some attractive for the lonely hearted?

We’ll answer that question while we also address matchmaking in Madison – because hey, just because there are plenty of fish in the sea doesn’t mean you’re equipped to catch one.

Your Guide to Dating in Madison WI (Wisconsin)

Madison’s Number 1

Out of 182 cities examined by WalletHub, Madison came out on top.

To understand why we need to look at the study’s methodology.

Each city’s rank is based on how it faired in three different categories: economics, fun & recreation, and dating opportunities.

For economics, Madison was judged on things such as restaurant-meal costs, the average cost of a beer, average cost of a two-person meal, house affordability, etc. If each city was ranked solely based on this category, Madison would have ranked 76th.

Then there’s fun and recreation. This category examined the city’s number of attractions, restaurants per capita, COVID-19 restrictions, walkability, the weather, etc. After looking at these metrics, WH calculated that Madison was the 12th best city for single when it came to fun and rec.

Lastly, the website took a look at the city’s dating opportunities. Factors it took into account were how many active Tinder users the city had, the singles gender balance, and the total share of single population. In my opinion, it’s this category that should carry the most weight. Luckily, Madison was ranked 2nd in the nation when it came to dating opportunities.

What’s most important isn’t necessarily how costly the city is or if the city’s awash in entertainment options. There’s no point in having an abundance of clubs and bars if you’ve got no one to get a drink with.

Who To Get A Drink With

Madison is a mid-size city bursting with singles.

In 2019 the US Census indicated that there were 259,680 people living in Madison. That’s an 11.4% increase since 2010. The city is about 50.5% female, meaning that ladies have an ever so slight majority. It’s this balance that helps set it apart from other cities with a high level of singles.

It’s difficult to find an exact number of single people living in the city. However, we do know that approximately 61% of adult residents are single. This is a great deal higher than in neighboring areas such as the Milwaukee metro area (51%) Monona (51%), and Fitchburg (49%).

Madison has a vibrant social scene in part thanks to the age of its single residents. This is in part due to the 43,820 students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s this young student body that helps keep the median age at 30.8. This is a whopping 7 years younger than the country’s media age.

When you do ask someone out, chances are that person will be white. Madison is a bit lacking in diversity. 78.39% of residents are white. Surprisingly perhaps the second most populous race is Asian with 9.04% of residents being of Asian ancestry, followed by Black at 6.79%.

The man or lady you go out with will most likely be super educated. 58% of Madisonites aged 25 or older have a BA or better with 25% having a graduate degree to their name. The national average of Americans 25 or older with at least a BA is 36%. It’s this cluster of residents with higher education degrees that makes Madison the 6th most educated city in the US sandwiched in-between San Francisco and Boston.

First Dates Ideas

Now you’re acquainted with who you’ll be dating in Madison, it’s time to plan a first date.

Before we start allow me to impart some first date advice.

The average amount of money an American spends on a first date is $75. Luckily you’re surfing for advice on emlovz, and definitely not average.

Ya see, here’s the thing with blowing that kind of green on a first date.

When you date the emlovz way, you’ll be dating various people a month if not every week. You don’t have oodles of time or money to spend on a first date.

This is why your initial date with your new fling should last no more than an hour and result in no more than $10 being spent.

Plus let’s be serious, committing to a fancy French dinner with a stranger that’ll last hours and mean spending $75 is ridiculous. Chances are you met this person online and barely know anything about them (including what the hell they look like). Don’t get yourself tied up in a half-day engagement with someone that you’re repulsed by the second their ass hits the chair.

With this in mind, allow me to pitch some killer first date ideas.

Nerd out with your fellow date/gamer when you two hit up the I/O Arcade Bar in the heart of Madison. This place is full of pinball and classic arcade games like NBA Jam, Donkey Kong, and of course Pac-Man. Its centric location means that no matter where you two are coming from it should be easy enough to get to.

Go for a brief after work brewery crawl in the Marquette neighborhood of Madison. Make your way to Working Draft Beer Company before strolling a few blocks over to Giant Jones Brewing.

If you’re in the mood for a more active date (perhaps even a second date), throw on your hiking boots and take a leisurely stroll at the Turville Point Conservation Park.

If you’re not an outdoorsman, perhaps consider hitting up one of Madison’s many festivals such as the Willy St. Fair Marquette Waterfront Festival,¬†Atwood Fest, Fete de Marquette, or the Orton Park Festival.

Popular Dating Apps in Madison

As the WalletHub study indicated, Madison has plenty of online dating opportunities.

Its young population means it’s more receptive to using online dating apps to meet singles.

So which apps should you be using?

If you’re looking to meet a college student or someone that has recently graduated, consider starting a Tinder account. For those looking to date someone a bit older and more serious than your average Tinder user, download Bumble (Tinder’s feminist alter ego).

Madison Matchmaking Services

But hey, just because there are plenty of singles in Madison, doesn’t’ mean you’re dating them.

Perhaps your job or social life preclude you from macking it up.

If so no worries, that’s where emlovz comes in.

As the best matchmaker in Madison, emlovz knows how to find you the most compatible singles around.

So how exactly do we do this?

After learning more about you during an intake call, we’ll set you up with one of our matchmakers who will learn more about you and the type of person you’re looking to date. Now we get down to business.

For us, “business” means scouring our database of singles and putting our e-recruiting team to work.¬† After finding an initial 500-1,000 candidates for you, we’ll narrow that list down to about 40-50 –which we then will interview the top 15 to 20.

After this process, we’ll select 6 or 12 of them (based on whatever package you sign up for) and set you up on Zoom introductions. All of this will take place over the course of about 3-6 months (but more realistically in just 2-3 months).

But hey, emlovz isn’t your average matchmaking company. We coach you.

We don’t like to set you up with the perfect person to leave you to your own devices. It’s possible that you’ve come to us because you’re not the most polished of daters. That’s where our coaching comes into play.

Each date comes with pre and post date coaching — to make sure you’re fully prepared before and after a date. What makes emlovz even more unique that your average matchmaker — is that we have full 3 month coaching programs in case you really want to put dating in your rear view!

Combining coaching with matchmaking is a surefire way to find you a partner worthy of your affection.

To get started, book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or one of my coaches today.

In this session, you’ll tell us about your current dating life and what your goals are. After, we’ll begin to create a unique dating blueprint that will help you accomplish all of these goals. And at the end of the call, we’ll determine if our coaching or matchmaking programs are right for you!

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